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Google Scholar Profile/Account

scholar_logo_64dpGoogle scholar is a search engine that indexes metadata of full text scholarly literature. Scholars can create their profiles

Why do you need a Google scholar account?

  • Provides a very simple way of collating your publications
  • You can track your citation metrics
  • Gives you visibility as an author
  • Collectively gives institutions visibility
  • Improve on our web ranking

 Follow these simple steps to create an account

  1. Log in to your corporate

Tips on making your research visible for more citations

Here are a few basic tips on improving your citation count and making your research visible:

  1. Create a Google scholar profile. Remember to change the default for updating list of articles from automatic to “don’t automatically update my profile” This option gives you the opportunity to vet the suggested articles before adding them to your profile. When Google Scholar updates your profile automatically, there is the real risk that

Clean up your Google Scholar Profile data

scholar_logo_30dpIf you set up your Google Scholar Account to “automatically update the list of articles in my profile” there is the real risk that your profile may include papers you have not authored. It is therefore highly advisable to clean up or edit your profile by:

  1. Clicking on the title of each offending article by checking the box found next to the article title
  2. Then clicking the trashcan/“Delete” button

Optionally, …

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