How do you decide the best journal for your research?

Looking for a journal to publish in is pretty much like window shopping for an item you want to purchase. As you window shop for your publishing options, here are some highlights of the process of identifying the best fit;
Information about the journal is found on the respective journal websites. Some of the issues you need to look out for are;

1. What are the journal’s aims and scope?
2. What type of papers does the journal publish? Are they empirical studies, original research, reviews or case studies?
3. What are the article processing charges? Do they have waivers for developing countries?
4. What are the publication timelines- response time, peer review, early cite?, how many issues a year?
5. What is the acceptance rate? Though this should not discourage you, it gives you a realistic idea of the probability that your paper will be accepted.
5. For maximum visibility verify if the journal is indexed in Scopus, Web of Science, Scimago, Google Scholar
6. Review sample papers from the journal to confirm if your paper is aligned in terms of for example writing style, general structural format, language and focus.

Nb: Verify claims that are made on the journal website to avoid falling prey to fraudulent journals. We will look at how to identify these predatory journals in our next write up.

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