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Food Safety, from Farm to Fork

Food Safety, from Farm to Fork: Emerging and Re-emerging Issues“. is a book that has been authored and edited by Dr. Juliana Kiio a Lecturer and Researcher at the Department of Food, Nutrition and Dietetics of Kenyatta University, Kenya and Dr. Christine Njuguna a Lecturer at the Department of Population, Reproductive Health and Community Resource Management of Kenyatta University, Kenya. The book has been published by Cambridge Scholars in 2020, ISBN  1527555836, 9781527555839. A copy was donated to the PML Library during the month of December 2021



In the just-concluded EKA 2021 competition where East and Central African countries team participated, 8 Kenyatta University students drawn from the Department of Library and Information Studies emerged in position one.

The Post Modern Library has been engaging students to do peer training as a way of promoting the usage of Library Resources. One such engagement has been the participation in Emerald Knowledge Ambassadors – EKA competitions in the last few years.

Research4Life Databases



Resear4Life is composed of 5 Online Databases provided through WHO initiative aimed to improve Teaching, Research and Policy-Making in Health, Agriculture, the Environment and other Life, Physical and Social Sciences.

AGORA- Agriculture, Forestry, Fisheries, Climate & Food Security

ARDI-Innovation & Technology


Hinari- Health

OARE- Environment

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