Journal Impact Factor

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What is IF?

Impact Factor (IF) is used to measure the importance of a journal by calculating the average number of citations to recent articles published in the journal. IFs are useful in comparing journals in the same discipline.

How is IF measured?

Journal Citation Reports (JCR) provides ranking for journals in Science, Technology, and Social Sciences. The ranking is however limited to journals indexed in Web of Science. Access to JCR is by subscription.

The SCImago Journal & Country Rank on the other hand is a free portal that includes journals and country scientific indicators. You can check the IF of a journal on this site. The site is also useful in identifying high impact and authentic journals.

Beware that with the mushrooming of predatory journals, fake/ fraudulent impact factors have emerged. Some of these are Global Impact Factor (GIF), Universal Impact Factor (UIF) and Citefactor.


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