Free Courseware

Free course ware is our collection of open-access (free to use) course materials that are provided by various universities around the world. The provision of these materials is strongly supported by the Open Course ware Movement which was popularized by the launch of Massachusetts’ Institute of Technology Open Courseware in the year 2002. Other Universities that have since opened up some of their course materials to the world include the University of Yale, the University of Michigan, University of California Irvine among others.

Content Coverage

Content coverage is a sole discretion of the providing university. Some of the universities like MIT strive to provide all of their course materials with the principle: “to publish all of our course materials online and make them widely available to everyone.” On the other hand, some like YALE have only opted to provide selected course materials.

Content Licensing

Much of the course content is provide under the creative commons licensing which gives everyone (both individuals and big corporations) rights to use, copy, distribute, edit remix and even build upon the provided content for non-commercial purposes and allowing the content providers (licensors) to still retain copyright of their content.

How to access the content

The various course content can be accessed from the respective universities’s online repositories. Use the list below or the links under the “Free courseware” menu on this page to access them.

  1. MIT Open Courseware

  2. University of Michigan Open Educational Resources

  3. University of California Irvine OpenCourseWare

  4. Research Methods Supercourse

  5. Science supercourse

The content can be mostly accessed mostly by browsing by topics, course numbers, by departments and also via simple search on the respective repositories. The content is provided in downloadable PDF and video formats so that learners can use them offline.

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