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Celebrating Safer Internet Day

PrintTuesday 5th February 2019 is being celebrated as this year’s Safer Internet Day. The Daily Nation has a feature on ensuring your safety as internet becomes a part of our daily lives. Click here to read the feature.

Kenyatta University scoops 2nd position in web ranking

ranking 3

Kenyatta University was ranked second position after University of Nairobi in the 2019 January edition of Webometric Ranking. Kenyatta University edged out Egerton University from 2nd position in the July 2018 edition.

In Africa, Kenyatta University was ranked position 22 and position 1596 globally. The best performance was in presence and impact parameters where we were position 765 and 1009 respectively. Other parameters assessed in the ranking are scholarly openness and excellence. The commendable performance is courtesy of concerted effort from all the stakeholders led by the Web Ranking Committee. See full results here

ResearchGate Digital Object Identifier (DOI)

ResearchGateResearchGate defines a Digital Object Identifier (DOI) as a unique identifier that provides a permanent link to any research you add to your profile – making it easily findable and citable. The DOI has also been described as the paper’s digital fingerprint. Each article receives a unique one at birth, and it can be used to identify the article throughout its lifespan, no matter where it goes. It is that part of the reference that looks like a string of numbers and letters. This is how it looks like ( It is given as part of the reference to a publication.

Why do you need a DOI?

  • Showcase all of your research. A DOI enables other researchers to find all of your work online, including your conference papers and posters, raw and negative data, and any other research you would like to share.
  • Make your research citable. DOIs provide information on where your work can be found online. They are guaranteed to never change, making them a great way to provide a reliable link to any of your research.
  • Put a date on your discovery. A DOI includes information on the publishing date of your research, to make sure you get the credit you deserve.

In line with this trend, ResearchGate started assigning free DOIs to unpublished works that researchers upload on researchGate. One of the steps during the uploading process requires you to indicate if you would like to “generate DOI for this publication”. For more information, click here

Nb: If the publisher had already assigned a DOI to the work, do not generate another one.



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