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Journal suggesters/recommenders

ill-searchHaving trouble identifying a suitable journal for your research work? Some publishers have provided a service that assists in identifying journals based on details of your paper. Here are some of these useful links;

Kenyatta University Library User Satisfaction Survey

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Turnitin: A plagiarism check software for Kenyatta University

In view of the need for academic integrity, another key research support tool that the library has subscribed to is Turnitin. This is an online service for educational institutions that is used to determine the originality of a written report. It compares submitted papers to its extensive online database of public Web content and to previous submissions. The service searches for text taken from these sources and provides a report of sources of text found and a similarity percentage index indicator. The KU library’s role is to facilitate teaching staff with turnitin accounts and provide training on the tool. The supervisors role is to check the students work, interpret the report and advise the student. The accepted similarity score is 24% and below. To see the KU Plagiarism Policy click here. For further inquiries email


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