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Revised Overdue Fines

Users with long overdue books are requested to return them by 12th April 2015, as revised library fines will be effected as from 16th April 2015

Identification Cards

So as to improve on security while in the Library:

1. Notice is hereby given that students whose ID cards are lost will be given two weeks to replace them. The letters given by the Director of Security/Director of Student Affairs will become invalid after two weeks from the date of issue.

2. ID cards that have blurred photographs will not be acceptable to access entry to the library or be used to access library services until they are replaced.

Revision of Library Fines

The library wishes to announce the revision of fines for overdue books from Kshs 2/=  to 5/= with effect from Monday 23rd March 2015. Long-loan Kshs 5/= per day and Short-loan Kshs 5/= per hour.

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