Research and Special Collection

Research and Special Collection Section

Research and Special Collection:
This department of the KU-PML is charged with the responsibility of providing resources for postgraduate and staff researchers. It currently occupies the 4th and 5th floors of the building.-
Among the key collections housed here to support research and scholarly work are:

The Africana Collection:
These are information materials covering Africa in general and Kenya in particular in all spheres of knowledge. Some of these resources are rare copies and others bear historical facts.

Theses and Dissertations:
These are the research output of Kenyatta University through its staff and students. All the current and back issues of theses and dissertations are housed in fourth floor for reference by staff and postgraduate researchers.

Institutional Repository:
This is the digital outlet of the Kenyatta University research output. It includes digitized
Books and Book Chapters; Conference /Workshop / Seminar Papers; Doctor of Philosophy Theses and Dissertations; Kenyatta University Journals; Master Theses and Dissertations; On Going PHD and Master Research; Policies/ Reports/ Newsletters; Public Lectures and Speeches; Research Papers as well as Undergraduate Projects.

Magazines and Periodicals:
Bound local magazines which are source of valuable information are housed in this section.

Research Collection:
A collection of research books and guides to conducting research have been set apart for users.

Archival Records:
Some rare documents of historical value are also housed in this department for reference purposes.

Government Publications:
A host Government and Kenyatta University publications are also availed to researchers. These include: the Laws of Kenya; Kenya Gazette; Policy documents; Reports; Prospectuses; Calendars and Almanacs.

Other Services:

  • Induction: Staff and postgraduate students who need skills on how to access library services are trained on the same.
  • Clearance: The department also clears students and other patrons exiting from the university.
  • Inquiries: General enquiries are also handled at the service desk both directional and for specific information.
  • Information Literacy: To maximize on usage of the resources and maintain high quality research output from the university, the department conducts information literacy training. This inculcates skills on access to e-resources; referencing; off-campus access as well as turnitin document similarity index checking.

Hours of Service:
This section is open for services from 8.00am to 5.00pm Monday- Friday
8.00am -5.00pm on Saturdays and holidays.

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