Rules & Regulations

Persons who wish to use the Library must be registered as members

  1. All persons registered as University Library members are required to abide by these regulations.
  2. The University Librarian may suspend from the use of the library any person breaking these Regulations.


  1. Order and silence must be maintained at all times in the Library.
  2. Smoking, eating, drinking and sleeping in the Library is prohibited.
  3. Briefcases, bags, overcoats, hats, umbrellas, etc, are not allowed in the library.
  4. All persons entering the library must show their university ID.
  5. All persons leaving the library must show all their documents to the Security staff at exit.
  6. Stealing or attempting to steal a library document or any of the library property is an offense. Appropriate disciplinary action will be taken against the offender.
  7. The library will not take responsibility for loss or damage of personal property left in the reading and baggage areas.
  8. Mobile phones and other devices likely to cause disturbances should not be used in the library unless their use is silent.
  9. Ink bottles, paints etc, which may accidentally damage library materials are not allowed into the library.
  10. Damage of library materials, equipment, property, or building is prohibited and must be reported immediately to a member of library staff. Those responsible must pay for the damage.
  11. The Library reserves the right to ask any person to stop using computer equipment if the library staff has reasonable grounds to believe that that person is misusing it.
  12. Computers are provided for the purpose of research and other educational endeavors. Misuse of the facilities e.g. game playing, e-trade, hacking, change of PC or Network settings is prohibited.


  1. Borrowing is restricted to registered members
  2. Library members are responsible for loss or damage of library materials in their possession. They will be required to pay for the loss or damage at a cost to be determined.
  3. Library materials are not to be taken out of the library unless they are properly issued.
  4. Marking, defacing or mutilation of any library material is prohibited
  5. Most books in the library may be borrowed but Reference books, Journals, etc, may only be taken out of the library with authority of the relevant Head Librarian.
  6. Loaned items may not be transferred from one borrower to another but must be returned to the library for re-issuing.
  7. The university ID must be produced when borrowing and returning library items.


Registered members can borrow materials as indicated:

  1. Academic staff: 10 items
  2. Post-Graduates: 10 items
  3. Undergraduates: 7 items
  4. Staff Grades A-F: 6 items
  5. Staff Grades I-IV: 4 items


Registered members are allowed to keep borrowed items for the period indicated below

  1. University Staff: 4 weeks
  2. Postgraduates: 4 weeks
  3. School-Based: 4 weeks
  4. Undergraduates: 2 weeks


  1. Borrowed Library materials not returned after the due-date attract fines
  2. Borrowing rights may be withdrawn from persons who persistently keep library materials overdue.


  1. Fines of Ksh 5/= for each subsequent day will be charged for books returned late on long loan.
  2. Fines of Ksh 5/= for each subsequent hour will be charged for books returned late from Short Loan.


All registered members of the library must clear with the University Library at the expiry of their membership.


There is a copyright protection law on most of the library materials. Deliberate infringement on this law e.g. unauthorized copying, is a criminal offense. All users of electronic information resources must abide by the terms of the appropriate licenses. However, permissible copying limits as per Copyright Act may be made for academic purposes. All users of library materials must observe these limits in the Library premises or elsewhere.

Rules And Regulations Governing The Use Of Laptops To Access The Library Wireless Network

  1. Laptops should only be used in designated areas.
  2. Users of Laptops must maintain order and avoid distracting other users.
  3. The University Library accepts no responsibility for loss of laptop, data or software therein.
  4. Laptops can be used to access the Library wireless facility but must not be directly connected to the University Campus network, Library computers or any other device without prior approval.
  5. Access must only be for purposes declared which are in line with the users’ academic, research and/or learning programs of Kenyatta University.
  6. Users should not use laptops to access e-mail, play games, watching movies, play music, etc.
  7. If any abuse/non compliance is discovered/detected, the connection privileges will be terminated with immediate effect and disciplinary action taken.
  8. All other Library rules and regulations apply.