About Library

    1. Library Catalogue

Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC) – The library uses KOHA, an Integrated Library Management System – There are computers designated for students to access the OPAC.

    1. Lending
      • Undergraduates can borrow 6 books for two weeks.
      • Postgraduates and staff, ten books for one month.
      • Books in great demand are placed on short loan collection where they are borrowed for 3 hours only.
      • The shortloan lending services are offered at the Circulation Desk and the Education Subject Counter.
    1. Reference and Biographical Services
      • Literature searches
      • Use of electronic and other databases
      • Selective dissemination of information
      • Current awareness
      • Online and off-line database searches
      • Document imaging/digitization
      • Photocopying
      • Bindery
      • Book exhibition

An Information Desk is provided for quick queries.

    1. Reading Facilities

Available in most areas of the Library, including a few study carrels for staff and postgraduates.

    1. Special Services
      • Talking books
      • Talking newspapers
      • Closed Circuit Television (CCTV)
      • Other personalized services
    2. Use of Library/Resources

Only bona-fide members of the University who are registered members of the Library are authorized to use these facilities. Registered members are required to observe library regulations.

    1. Other Library/ Documentation Services
      • Bureau of Educational Research
      • Basic Education Resource Center
      • Departmental resource libraries
        • English
        • Literature
        • Sociology
        • Psychology
        • Home Economics
        • Kiswahili
    2. Interlibrary Loans (ILL)

Arrangements can be made for postgraduate students and staff to use and borrow documents from other libraries in Nairobi. A letter of introduction is necessary to use those libraries.

    1. Online Access
      • Library Computer Lab
      • Wireless access Laptop

Users are required to observe rules governing the use of laptops in the Library.