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Understanding author rights through Sherpa Romeo

indexThe Kenyatta University Post Modern Library has been making effort to profile the university’s research products through archiving and uploading our researchers’ published articles to our Institutional Repository. One of the means we employ in identifying the research papers is through harvesting the articles from the internet. Where the full text is not available, we may request the author to provide one. However, often times the author is not sure …

Access to Emerald Electronic Journals

Looking for information on Accounting, Finance & Economics, Business, Management & Strategy, Education, Library Studies, Sociology, HR, Learning & Organization Studies or Tourism & Hospitality? Click here. The database covers these and much more.…

Publishing your research results

TCS-Logo-V-RGB-300x232Sharing research results with the world is key to the progress of your discipline and career. But with so many publications, how can you be sure you can trust a particular journal? Follow this check list to make sure you choose trusted journals for your research.

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