Mission, Vision & Objectives

Vision of the Library

To be an innovative, focused, competitive and user-centered library service to the endeavors of Kenyatta University community.

Mission Statement of the University Library

To provide a dynamic learning environment and quality user-centered information services that enhance teaching, learning and research while inculcating life-long learning skills and fostering human development.

Our purpose

The Library brings high quality, scholarly information resources and services to the Kenyatta University Community.


The Library acknowledges and is committed to the values of Kenyatta University: truth, excellence, self-reliance, innovation, professionalism, quality and relevance. In demonstrating this commitment we ensure that:

  • Our clients are at the core of all we do
  • We distinguish ourselves through service excellence that recognizes our clients’ needs and diversity
  • Our staff are a valued resource
  • Together, we pride ourselves on our ability to accept challenges and deliver results that enhance quality of service

Objectives of the Library

  • Selecting and acquiring up-to-date information resources in all formats that are relevant to the information needs of the university
  • Organizing the collection using internationally accepted standards to allow for easy retrieval
  • Adopting information dissemination strategies. Current awareness services and selective dissemination of information to ensure optimum utilization of available resources
  • Establishing, promoting and maintaining a wide range of services that will support the academic programmes of the University and encourage optimum exploitation of the resources of the library.
  • Building the information literacy skills of its users continuously by conducting proper user education and instruction through a variety of methods in order to provide guidance to the library’s collection
  • Recruiting, developing and retaining well qualified, experienced and dedicated professional library staff in the area of library and information sciences who will offer high quality services to the users of the library.
  • Adopting technologies that will make information resources accessible to the University community in an efficient and effective manner
  • Create, maintain and preserve locally produced knowledge within KU and provide access anywhere and at any time.
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